tl;dr: I like computers and here’s my CV

Welcome to my website! I’m a software developer from Montreal living in San Francisco and working at Yelp. By day, I work on the Yelp Android app and the Python backend that powers it on the Search User Experience team. By night, I like to tinker with all the trendy new frontend web technologies, read books and watch documentaries on Netflix. I’m a hackathon enthusiast and helped to start the hackathon culture at Concordia University by organizing the university’s first ever hackathon ConUHacks.

I started out as a frontend web developer and have only recently moved into doing Android app development. How did that happen you ask? I’m still not sure myself but I always love diversity in my work. The more variety I’m exposed to on a daily basis the happier I am as a developer! That being said, I regularly write JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Java and SQL.

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