I Have a Blog Now!

Wow, an actual blog. It’s been three years since I updated this site. Three years is a long time in internet years! Why update now? Well, I’ve been meaning to update for a couple of months now after a co-worker shared a link to my website in an email and I felt the familiar shame and embarrassment of looking at code I wrote before I knew any better. But what really sealed the deal for me that it was time to update was the May1Reboot project.

The idea is simple: set a deadline for everyone who wants to participate to update their website or portfolio. I think it’s exactly the kind of motivation I needed (that and my hosting credits on my old hosting provider are going to run out on the same day).

I don’t know what I’ll be writing about or how often I’ll be posting, but I feel like it’s important for a professional software developer to have a blog for three reasons:

  1. Knowledge sharing
    • Make the things you’ve learned available to others
    • Helping people!
  2. Demonstrating your ability to communicate
    • Make the things you’ve learned available to others in a way that doesn’t make the reader confused or fall asleep!
    • This is also important to show potential employers that you’re competent and can clearly explain a complex topic
  3. Knowledge crystalization
    • Ok I just made that word up, but people say that one of the best ways to learn and retain information is to break it down and teach it to someone else

I’ll probably write about new things I learn about playing around with React, Redux, GraphQL and all those things. I’m also relatively new to the Android ecosystem so writing about Android-related topics from a web developer’s point of view would also be useful to me and hopefully to someone else! I might also toss in a few off-topic posts every once in a while on something that isn’t related to software. I’ll try to keep the bar on quality relatively low so I don’t get bogged down by the pressure of writing extremely high quality content, but at the same time I want the technical pieces I write to be correct and the non-technical pieces to be entertaining.

Here’s to yet another new blog on the internet!